About Me

Welcome! I am a PhD Student at the Programming Principles, Logic, and Verification group at University College London, where I was previously a Research Assistant and undergradute student in the Mathematical Computation course.

I work in Prof. Alexandra Silva’s lab on automata theory, grammatical inference, and formal verification. My research focuses on the applications of automata learning for fast moving industries, usually through the use of Lightweight Formal Methods.

Recent News

April 2024
I am serving in the program committee for LearnAut 2024.
October 2023
I'm starting my PhD in Computer Science supervised by Alexandra Silva and Peter O'Hearn!
September 2023
I have graduated from UCL with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Computation.
August 2023
Our paper on Conflict-Aware Active Automata Learning has been accepted at GandALF 2023!
July 2023
I'm interning at Galois with Mike Dodds working on verification of network stacks!
June 2023
I'm visiting Martin Leucker at the University of Lübeck!
August 2022
I'm participating in this year's CMMRS at the Max Planck Institute.
June 2022
I'm supervising Raquel Silva on her UCL CS Summer Internship.